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How to decorate a Christmas tablecloth on the table

How to decorate a festive Christmas table tablecloths Want a really festive nature does not need to invest in a lot of money?

Want Christmas table is a really festive nature need not invest enough money in a lot of desire and a little piece of thread Here you will learn how a very simple way to decorate a festive table covers only the news? ... That the government little śnieżynek.
Choose a spot on the tablecloth, where you put the snowflakes. Snowflake Make this template to draw the diagram shown in the following Odrysuj
template on the tablecloth as many times as you use a protective fabric marker.
tablecloth for a nice look, special attention should be paid to proper Execution of orders of different pieces of embroidery. diagram
after the next.
Here is how a number of needle stick in the middle of snowflakes -. 1 -. from the bottom and make a point so far, keep the needle in the bottom left branch of snowflakes - 2 - and pull the thread at the top end of the seam fabric No - 1 -. Now put a thread from the bottom of the branches above the seam of - 1 -., it ends at the same place as the other two Pull the thread down, and bring flakes on top, then go back to the end of the seam - 3 -.
same branching snowflakes do, pull the thread from the bottom and back through the top fabric to the point of departure. the example in the accompanying figure shows a sequence of consecutive stitches.
To close all the snowflakes, rotate 180 degrees to the model last point in the first half of snowflakes -. No 26 - diagram. I seam No. 1 in the second half of the diagram A. Flake wyhaftuj analogy, using diagrams AI
Finally, rinse all traces of the marker, dry and iron the tablecloth. not ironed tablecloth in front of the marker WASH! You can not delete later.

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