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Feasts and Holidays

Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


As snowflakes Covers of the eggs

As snowflakes Covers of the eggs Śnieżynek Doing these activities can be for your children while you prepare meals for the holidays

śnieżynek such activity may not be for your children while you prepare meals for holidays and snow flakes can be painted and decorated in any way
Wytłaczanka you will need the eggs ... Cut
outside Covers so you have only four interconnected bowl. Cut a piece of cardboard between them.
Cut out the middle cup, that would be the same ring.
central part of the best cut with a glass cutter office. Establishment of you so let type of flower.
Take a piece of glass that connection was cut in two
Glue this piece in the middle of the flower and fold the edges of a fancy way. Snowflake White and lecturer at the edges with decorative stones.
For example, images with two different śnieżynek Covers made of.

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