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How to make muffins Christmas tree

Muffins How to Make Christmas a fantastic way to Christmas version of mouthwatering muffins

fantastic way to Christmas version of mouthwatering muffins Muffins szałowo Christmas tree not only looks but also taste fantastic dessert this Christmas will hit the table warranty
fat muffin mold, and fire ...! Muffin cups - the able in brown - ... oven setting to 200 ° C.
flour, baking powder, sugar and salt
Add egg, milk, softened butter and mix the whole in a homogeneous mass.
hair curlers to fill ¾ height. Bake for 20-25 minutes, until toothpick inserted in cake after removing it is not clear.
Leave muffins to cool and take care of preparing the soil. In. large bowl, mix for 30 seconds with each Plant, vanilla vanilla extract and mixer set on medium speed gradually add the powdered sugar - 2 cups for now - each time with stirring, add 2 tablespoons milk slowly pour in the remaining sugar, adding that occasion .. milk as needed until a thick mass, ease in forming the structure. If necessary, add a little sugar.
muffinkę For each cooled, apply a coat of. put on top of an inverted cone tip sugar.
rest mass
dyed green food color. Put him in the feeding tube ends in a tip small star.
Starting from the bottom of the cone, squeeze a small amount of mass, the pattern seen in Fig. cover the entire surface of the membrane mass. Sprinkle
horn sprinkles or small green beads. Put in the fridge to freeze a little weight.

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