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How to paint the nails for the holidays the Christmas tree lights

How to paint the nails for the holidays

. Christmas
Beautiful nails on your fingertips just to have on hand several colors of nail polish and a moment of time, because unfortunately, paint your nails in the Christmas lights is a bit of time and requires precision Therefore, every effort needs to started today. luck.
white color nail polish. Wait until the first coat to dry, then apply a second if necessary. Allow your nails to dry completely.
Prepare thread. Keep it. handy Cover with clear nail varnish
bedside before the nail is dry on the black market or make a loop or end flex is kinda cool, pofaluj nail thread applied to wet nail - ... it is obviously easier niewyschnińôty - should easily put the nail bed. In the same way , garnish with the remaining nails. one after another. Allow your nails to dry completely.
Then, when the nails are already dry, paint them a second coat of clear lacquer. Allow to dry again.
paint is dry, trim the front clumps near the ends of the nail.
Dip the tip of the red nail polish and squeeze it right in the end, so did the tears looked like they were attached. thread Christmas tree lights to the cable take some red lights, and then dip into the second end of the applicator - applicator or another - in the green and add some green light to let your nails dry
Finally paint ready nail hardener .. / fixes for nail polish.

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