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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How the penguin with transparent glass beads

Penguin How to clear the ball Another idea to organize a transparent beads

.... Another idea to organize a transparent ball with a few materials you can easily do with a penguin enough to be in accordance with the paint and fill Podpatrz how easy it is located
transparent fill wool, artificial snow, or polystyrene beads . In any case, in white.
Paint half the blue balls. Then go to the brush, leaving the other half as the oval window. We want the penguins head.
At the top, draw a little tip, as in the heart. black, draw the eyes of the penguin. yellow nose and paws. Wait until everything is dry.
Tie a piece of yarn on the hook to bombce and hang on the Christmas tree.

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