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How to Make Halloween lights

How to Make a Halloween lamp illuminates when the sun goes your spooky house to watch these beautiful lamps made of paper

lighting when the sun goes down your spooky house here in this beautiful lamp made of paper
Print and cut out the lantern template -. Template triangular and rectangular template - the other side of the owls and witches. Each template print 4 times to get 4 wall lamp. Make a slight cut in the dotted area, so that later it was easier to bend the paper.
orange piece of parchment to print the design you like best - the cat, fuczący cat, moon, owls, witches - . best to do this with a Laser Printer Cut each picture, so that the rectangle was slightly bigger than a pack lantern .. parchment glue on the windows. Bend lantern at the right place and the adhesive side.
for hanger wire down to about 70 cm. Make a loop in the middle. two ends of the wire breaks through the wall of the lantern. Using tweezers fold the ends of the wire worm. LED candle attached to a cord that still hang with wire in the middle
Lamps Lanterns hang on a string You can also fold the bottom of the lantern and put it on the table by placing a candle in the middle of the LED - see the big picture .. -.

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