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How the French manicure on Halloween

In French manicure on Halloween Are you a fan of classic nail blend of flavors with a touch of Halloween madness?

?.? ..
Are you a fan of the classic Connect the nail as desired with a little Halloween fun What do I mean nails for Halloween in the form of orange-black french be circled with charming spider ring to secretly zsuwający

nails, apply a base for paint. Allow to dry.
painted nails painted orange. To achieve the effect of the picture, you will need to apply 2-3 coats of varnish. before applying the next coat is always back and wait for the dried paint I used Illamasqua. gamma - orange -. I bought it at auction in the spring, however, if you do not get this varnish, use another, similar, like most striking shade after painting nails to wait about 8 minutes, until the nail is fully ... Dry
now on all your nails, but the ring finger, make the black bars, as if the French manicure best bet is to use a special tape for nail art is glued to the nail under the top edge - .. it all depends on a wide black belt - more nail, it should be wider, the tape should be applied down -. Then paint black stripes on nail polish color bars from edge to edge strips
nail varnish .. well is dry, carefully remove the tape. Now you can continue to decorate the ring finger. aluminum foil, pour in a little black nail polish. dip in a thin nail art brush and starting at the lower left edge of the nail, to start work straight lines radiating from one point. Then connect these through small arcs, creating a web page. Domaluj one vertical line drawn at right angles, until the middle of the nail.
with a larger probe tip to make the nails black circle, connecting with just a painted line. will be the body of a spider Wait several minutes while the paint dries and
thin probe to take two small, white circles - spider eyes ... Allow to dry
white wheels make two black. point -. students cheap brush dipped in black paint, draw spider legs to allow the paint to dry completely
very carefully at end of the nail, apply fixes to the finish Done ....

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