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Fun for Halloween 2

Halloween Fun for the second consecutive Here are some ideas for Halloween games for kids

Here are some more ideas for Halloween games for kids
u whole terrible story / U
Ask children ... sat on the floor in a circle now begin to tell a story and ask them to finish it to children to tell her children will speak successively after one or a few sentences
example, you can start with: .. The children walked down the street during cold and rainy night when he suddenly saw on the horizon of the old house, abandoned houses ... now
Price will be selected child, and then followed by children sitting next to him. Each child can add a little intrigue and mystery. Children say, until finally the story is finished. Record story. As children finish this release to listen again. will be lots of laughter!
Depending on age can turn off the light or ask to have children podświetlały bottom face! .. stories - to make it scary -
If you have less than 5 years it is best to ask children to tell the story ended , only certain words For example: When the children arrived at the haunted house he saw ..... It scared Kasia so much that he suddenly turned to the other side and saw that move on the back .... Ark!
best of these methods that you have no idea about what are toddlers and you may find it difficult to continue the story.
u guess whats in the box. / u
Find box large enough to be able to make holes in side walls, through which children can insert their hands inside. start the game tell me how many children have time to guess whats in the box and write it down on paper. time to determine the duration of 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Directions: Take the box .. and cut on the walls facing two holes through the hole glue pieces of material - the strongest adhesive - so that children could not see whats in the box Box decorate with stickers or drawings related to Halloween
Now youll need about 10-15 items related to Halloween, which was placed in a box and place in which to bet. frame should be in a place like this before he could put a piece of paper on which; mi baby will be able to save what he says is in the middle of the other children can not see what is written on the sheet
what to put in a box can be: plastic spiders or worms, rubber tracks, small plastic ..? pumpkins, little witch, witches broom, vampire fangs, apples, corn, candy, artificial eye, plastic skulls and bones, eye patch and other things related to Halloween and Autumn older child is more complex things you can put in a box -. for example, artificial. mice or rats, etc. -
As I collected all the items on the list, but do not let him see Flash Game Description:. children will be approached in a series of frames, and with his hands what is inside each child will have the same amount of time -. for 30 seconds or 1 min -. When checking the box contents to the child should make a list of items, and then after some time to sign and return a list of the person leading the party - no one can see that list - .
hit for each item in the box + 1 child gets a point if the child enters the list item that is not received within -. 1 point.
Finally, we have all the letters and the sum of the points, ask the whole group, as To calculate przedmiotówz box. Every time out of the box the items listed. Usually at the end of the 2-3 cases, patients who do not postpone the child last loaded. You can then ask the children to once again proved their hands, whats in the box.
child gets the most points wins the game.
u Pumpkins with paper mache / u
Ask the children to make paper mache pumpkins out of newspaper and balloons. as the paper mache dries have the children break the balloons and paint them orange. Now kids will have the task to create the funniest or most scary pumpkin face with spots or pen
Other ways to play ..
pumpkin painting with paints or crayons and paper cutting
real pumpkin . br See also
Halloween fun part 1.

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