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How to fruit salad in pineapple

As fruit salad in pineapple salad in pineapple halves

put in a half pineapple pineapple you can put any salad, not just the fruit can be anything that contains within itself, such as pineapple salad with chicken and pineapple Be sure to choose a ripe ... fruit salad.
Prepare all the ingredients for fruit salad.
of pineapple in half.
Cut from the center of the body.
Remove the hard core and cut the flesh into cubes.
Cut bananas into cubes.
cutting diced kiwi.
Peel oranges, separate it into pieces, and if possible, remove the seeds and movies. Cut it into small pieces.
Cut apples into small cubes. If the crust is hard to peel before.
Gently mix the pineapple, kiwi, oranges, apples and nuts. If the nuts are small as a peanut then add them in full, if they are large - such as nuts and then they cut fruit mixed with sugar or with yogurt They will also be a good flavor mixed with alcoholic beverages or wine
salad, add half of the pineapple ....

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