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How to organize childrens birthday in the summer

How to organize childrens birthday in the summer is perfect for your child during the game

Summer is ideal for your child during the game especially after a long winter and spring shy children can not wait until I can run all day in the sun or splash in the water for the parents, it is also fun to see .. how their children play outside. Here are some ideas for a birthday party or for children under the open sky.
u Expedition / u

If you have a large garden or orchard, break up some tents. If you do not You can choose between the children in the woods or the Grove. Youll need camping equipment that you can always borrow from a neighbor or buy on promotion
Need a few small tents -. or a large -., forks or sharpened sticks for roasting sausages over a fire and If portable lamps give you a feast in the garden, you may have to the place provided smoking fire., of course, parents must be present at all games of fire, but the smell of bonfires for children already associated with high adventure. Some kids bake sausages, bread and potatoes. For dessert, they can also przypiec foam marshmallows. for maintaining mood, older children can turn to tell scary stories.
u Fun in the mud / u
this fun is not recommended for mothers who tremble in fear for their consolation, but the boys are rowdy and love it! invitations, encourage guests to bring work clothes and shoes, favorite resoraki, tractors and trucks. all parents should do is find some dry mud and use your imagination.
collect some Mud and scatter them in one place on the road leading to the garage. Pour the water to change it in a small swamp. buy a few stones, plastic tubes, or anything else that can be used as material for building bridges. kit car wash as of space to play. Now just let the kids in the blot. It is easy to see how to get dirty, but you can be sure that a few hours will not complain of boredom. This is the most natural fun for kids - hold on just one side

Adoption seafront tea / u Entertainment
is old, but spring -. and you May be something different to your own taste. Most girls have in the cupboard at least one costume for the ball przebierańcówi do not have much trouble, to make them encouraged to try them. You can also buy hand henna costumes or characters from Disney films and favorite cartoon characters, and it covers up to invite girls to tea.
Just before the play Little Women pomócw kitchen can help with cleaning and baking cookies and then introduced to dress up in costumes. Prepare a kit for children and lots of makeup przyboró, the hair draping. You can also buy kits for making jewelry and give the girls to have fun, to personally prepare the decorations for the party. am looking for some friendly help and take care of that big girls also came in for tea dressed.
u Picnic / u
This classic game will be crowned with success if we are brave to go shopping at a fast food stand. cheap shop to provide everything you need -. plastic plates and cutlery, tablecloth Then go to the food, usually do not buy - chips, already cooked casseroles or hot dogs and for dessert, cookies and cream Buy package. ice after plastic pucharku for everyone.
Now that you have the menu, which dreams of every child, think of some fun games that you can perform in the garden. take care of it for the release of a number of soap bubbles and colorful chalk to draw on the asphalt. If you have some free time, organized stalking children.
u Adoption in the garden / u Let
insects, birds and butterflies are the theme of the invitations and complete adoption. Prepare some paper and colored paper to make decorations. Take the kids to the park, and bring the atlas of plants and birds , has observed nature. See if your home does not have excessive background. pieces, in which children can wyklejać own compositions with naturally out of the park
Make cookies in the shape of insects kwiatkówi juice for older kids - the juice is obtained by throwing a punch with a block of ice plastic insects inside, so that it can not be given to small children because of choking hazards -.
u Water Park / u Replacement
garden; DW water park This game requires the purchase of several inflatable borehole, hose sprinkling a lawn sprinkler or a large number of guns in the water are a smooth material that can be used as a water slide Put a little pool floating toys and boats .. Have some water ready balonówz that children can then begin the battle. expect that everyone will be so day, a fun and delicious to sleep at night!

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