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To celebrate Fathers Day when no father in front of us

To celebrate Fathers Day when no father in front of us celebrate the June 23 Fathers Day International

June 23 we celebrate the International Day of the Father at the same time for many of us is sad that we do not date to request or give gifts does not mean that we can not celebrate Fathers Day in another way. Depending on the type of feeling we have in our own father and the very idea of ​​fatherhood, we can find many forms of symbolic celebration of the day.
Some of us remember from childhood by his father as a wonderful mentor and a fierce but beloved father, who later took the death. Fathers Day can be good opportunity to relive the good qualities of my father and trips to the cemetery. If we have our own children, we tell them that the day of the absent grandfather. This day can be a feast of memory.
sure that day will come back also difficult memories associated with times of illness and dying father, so you May want to have with me a lot of relatives of people who contracted the hard times and let us cry
situation is completely different people who have never known his father. For many, Fathers Day is a celebration, reminding them of their wool types. Do not be so. do not know why it took place the fate of his family, sometimes the absence of any of its members better than a toxic presence. Regardless of why the father was absent in your life, do not forget that her lack of does not apply to your guilt is often the adult children to blame for things not under the influence do not fall into this trap if you are angry at the absence of his father - ... and his presence is weak -. you can try to deal with these feelings, for example performing the doll simulates a bad father figure, which is then accompanied by any pain or bad memories symbolically drown in the river, as Marzanna, which symbolizes the end of winter, do not hesitate to cry if it is. need all the feelings that arise in you need to
found in any store paper or food - for example, use of product packaging -.
Select type of string that you want to work in elementary school, the most popular chains are made of colored paper Every child will be able to perform such ornaments Z.. colored sheet of paper, you need to reduce long strips, then cut them into shorter lengths, then glued to the edges of each strip and touching one of the other links in the chain. You can make a chain of one color or mix of colorful stripes.
popular type of strings of Christmas and those made from colored tissue paper. If you want to make a chain of cut paper into long strips 2-3 cm wide. It is best to do it when it rolled up tissue paper. Use strips of two different colors to get a more vivid color effects. Attach one end of the strip to the other, and they weave when taking a tape for the second time. very impressive creation chain.
If you collect candy colored papers, and also have food straws, you can create a very interesting and original string tree species. Thread a needle with a thread for a few pieces of paperwork and chopped straw. intertwining glowing celofaniki former packaging, and now have the opportunity to become the ornaments, with bits of straw. conclusion must be a layer of paper, topped with a knot in the thread.
there are many methods you can use your chain to build the tree. If you crochet, you can use this skill to create Christmas tree ornaments. After knitting begins with the chain. Then you can hang on the Christmas tree. Try using gold or silver thread. You can also take the spectacular decoration of shells on the fishing line or thread. If you think about it this summer at the beach finding shells with holes in December will be found as the Christmas tree.

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