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How to welcome spring

To welcome spring, spring is fully started, therefore, high time to greet her properly

Spring has fully started, therefore, high time to greet her properly Here are a few ways to enjoy the beautiful spring time
Usually the first thing most of us want to do .. when the time will be an open window. Let the fresh spring air that we could enter the house and przewietrzyło all angles after the winter.
There is no better time to plant beautiful flowers in your yard, since the spring. Flowers will enjoy the beautiful colors of our eyes and our senses wonderful calming scents.
Spring is the best time to lose a few pounds extra-curricular. time is ideal for walking and jogging. favored the kids in the park and active time. Do not forget that summer is coming and soon youll want to show off shapely figure, dressed in a swimsuit or shorts.
the afternoon to play in taking or throwing a Frisbee with your dog or find a little time to sit with children at the curb and sidewalk paint scratch chalk.
Once you open the window, and the children and animals will rest in peace after a lot of fun in the fresh air, you can get the spring cleaning. attack on a house with a cloth and vacuum and a little positive energy. You can get involved to help children. May to deal with cleaning their rooms. This is the perfect time that despised toys and get rid of those who are already adults.
If you organize a garage sale, or just after the appointment of friends who are interested in buying your collection. Let your children help you. May will deal with the sticking rates or let him sit with you and help in making our guests. This experience will teach kids a friendly contact with people, and respect for money. Think about what you can give the money earned.
Take a bucket, a sponge, some soap and a garden hose . Spring is the perfect time of year to get rid of the rest of the car after the winter salt and dirt. In addition to washing your car is right for you great excuse to spend some time outdoors and take advantage of beautiful spring weather. Once you bring the car to the ideal of purity can be checked Oil and inflate the tire. Bevel
first time in the season, the grass and repair or replace garden ornaments, which were destroyed during the cold winter. Blizzard driveway and porch. Take one spring weekend her lawn and garden, and in summer youll just have to maintain such a wonderful effect.
Take kites and go on the air. If you can not kite in the area of ​​your home, go to the park. Spring is the perfect time for a vacation.
Prepare your fishing gear. Make sure your card is valid fishing license and check out what laws apply in your area. Spend time with family or friends in a nearby river or lake. Fishing perfectly relaxes and allows you to enjoy the beautiful spring weather outside.
You can also welcome the spring melting of the traditional old Polish Marzanna. Will you do with the sticks, you can now dress in old clothes and unused. clothing stuffed with newspapers, you can do Marzanna head of hair to make a line. When madder is ready to take your family or friends and move into the river. For sure it will be fun.

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