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How to make a gift of a folding frame

How to make folding gift box goes for a birthday, a village or other Imprezka have prepared a gift, but I do not know what to pack yourself a framework in which to hide his gift?

Going for a birthday, a village or other Imprezka have prepared a gift, but I do not know what to pack, you can do yourself a framework in which to hide his talent is not hard .. If you do a couple of boxes of different sizes, and you Youll be ready for such situations.
Print templates on the lid and bottom of the frame. u before printing larger, or both templates. / u
Do not give the dimensions, because each such box will do what he wants - small or large .. is valid only if both templates to print the same size
apply them on cardboard and cut it I suggest you check out all the lines. on cardboard on both sides, especially if you plan decorative airtight by taping the paper - as shown below
measure the dimensions of each part carefully marked on the package and apply them to their fancy paper start to hold any part of the ... cardboard
Obklejone the picture of a bend, which will hide in, and mark - after removing the pull box so that it can not be applied to another shade pattern
obklej measures, and the outer walls or box.
obkleisz When all outside they rotate. With Ankle bookbinding lines mark the indentation. to help with a ruler. It will be easier for you to make the box.
now slowly begin to bend. work To do this bend in the wrong direction Hold the line should be
well as the folded edges of the frame
Focus on the mountain and I was taping an airtight so repeat the same pattern - Measure .... some parts. decorative paper and glue not
When finished, select the box and using dice and a ruler to fold bookbinding
then fold the cover principle is simple: .. all sides bend up, bend the card inside.
eventually bend down the mountain to consolidate them in one place. closer look at the photo. If you follow this part correctly, not even need any glue.
When all three pieces are in place to set up the fourth season -. It will cover most of the other three, so that the lid of the box will look nice
podociskaj is all well and fit together
This is the cover of the box ready
... And it looks like the extra frame finished tied with ribbon.
After opening the box will be as follows :

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