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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How to wrap a gift for dad

How to wrap a gift for dad gifts for dad are subject to change

gifts for dad can be changed, but I always make a better impression when they artfully pack In this article you will learn how to make a nice gift box for a father and a card in the set
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u shirts. / u Box
ozdobimy small piece of paper and shirts made of modeling clay. At the beginning of the modeling knife, cut out the two links. How to tie a knot zróbz ball with a piece of modeling clay about 1 cm in diameter and mash Tie it on top of that wycięłaś moment before. same for the other tie. of clay in different colors, bands and make them! adhesive bonds.
now prepared t-shirts - one for the box and paper along the lines of the picture cut out of white clay Remember rozwałkowanej two shirts cut out four triangles separately, from which it will do shirt collars Place the finished tie in the appropriate place on top of each shirt collar .... Glue.
piece of white clay to make small keys and keep them on t-shirts.
Put this shirt on the prepared baking sheet lined with baking paper and bake in oven at 135 º C for 15-20 minutes - or follow the directions on the package of clay - ... When modeling clay hardens and cools it to paint the top with clear nail polish
u card / u

From the darkness, cut a piece of cardboard measuring 14x28cm. fold it in half to form a square piece of paper.
Stick card in the middle of one of the shirts. the best thing to use for purpose on both sides with adhesive tape. with light brown Cut a thin strip of paper and write on it: Happy Birthday, Dad. glue belt under my shirt.
u Box. / u
interior color box brown ready. Measure checkered decorative paper to fit the dimensions of the frame. Cover the box with glue and beautiful decorative paper.
glue on the box other shirts. remains of decorative paper to make a gift note. fill within the framework of crumpled green tissue paper. Place the gift inside, and include greeting. Almost!

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