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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How to make jewelry with Christmas lights

How to make jewelry with Christmas lights Christmas lights have blown a lot of benefits

blown Christmas lights have many uses best bet is to discard them, but if you want to do with her earrings and przewieszkę If you do not already have an idea for gifts for your friends to do some of these gift sets .... is sure to be original and unique.
seafront Earrings with lights / u Download
light cable. At the top of the lights, plastic parts differentiation. b-hole pin through the hole made by a circle - przepchaj. link Then insert the hook for earrings per cell and press pliers Now do the same with a different light on the option instead of using a cell can thread through the holes ...; rw glow wire, tie the two ends - tighten them together -, thread bead on him and tie wire the hook
u PRZEWIESZKA lights / u
. Just like earrings, remove the light from the cable and pin hole zróbw. Click the cell through the hole and press ready przewieszkę pliers and replace the chain.
lights are jewelry for all women in the family. gift of this type will not destroy financial, and will be practical and beautiful memories for years to come.

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