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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How to make Halloween labels on alcohol

How to make Halloween labels on alcohol to help themselves fiendishly toxic napitkami revelers in the blood is transferred to the special marks

help yourself ... revelers
fiendishly toxic napitkami transmitted in blood, with special labels, stickers can be applied to the original bottle
Print the template on alcohol labels to help you do this, click on the image opens a new page .. Then Click on the link below the photo, click to enlarge and print labels printed
UV fluorescent marker color them a bright color background - ... so that the mark will glow in the dark
Halloween drinks marked with labels to provide a tonic - and cocktails with the addition of -. Tonic contains quinine, which has a strong fluorescence only put a bottle of tonic on a clear day in the sun that shines in the evening in a glass with tonic exposure to the sun can be seen .. soft purple glow.

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