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How to have a healthy Christmas

How to have a healthy Christmas Christmas is a time when we allow a greater folly to eat and drink, and promising to be the New Year is back to normal

Christmas is a time when we allow a greater folly to eat and drink, and promising to be the New Year is back to normal, however, despite all the healthy eating during the holiday season is not so difficult. And you will feel much better and avoid weight gain. Here are some tips that will help you keep feeling the Christmas holidays. no rules, no promises, just good advice.
U Three important things to remember. / u Learn
how to recognize genuine glod appetite. Do not act on impulse. If you know that eating too much of, just stop.
Although Christmas is a special time that each of us to spend with your family, it is also one day a year when should take into consideration what you eat. If you gain weight during the holidays, all year zniweczysz their achievements and youll feel disappointed.
Find time for yourself. I do not feel obligated to attend every meeting, in which you are invited. If you really do not want to go, just politely decline.
u How to handle a Christmas buffet / u
This feast May look very tempting, but do not let the fact that it caused you to loosen the belt pants. for second hole Keep in mind the following tips: - Avoid.
leaving the house when youre hungry, then it will be more likely to overeat before eating some fruit, yogurt, sandwiches or granola .. Home - do not stand apart from food Choose something and walk away, because you can always go back if you still really hungry Choose raw vegetables with dip: this could be a classic hummus, guacamole and salsa different type .. Home - Avoid creamy sauces ... Avoid fried and fatty foods, such as sausages wrapped Choose this place pieces of chicken or turkey and remove the skin from them, you can ask for. Fish Home - .. If you absolutely need to eat dessert, share with someone
seafront Tips for healthier drinks / u Home - The You should now choose to drink red wine Hold moderation, however, because all of the benefits arising from the last to disappear, if you drink several glasses of Home - ... If possible, choose natural beverages they contain fewer additional , w and chemicals that can cause dizziness or nausea Home - Remember to vodka, though the purest form of alcohol is a toxin Home - Choose ... pure fruit juices, soda or bottled water for drinking alcohol Avoid sweet and sugary drinks
-. Do not allow others to constantly pour alcohol into a glass Fill it up again only when completely empty .. So you know how much you drank Home -. drink alternating alcoholic drinks with water, so will prevent dehydration and to avoid a hangover the next day Home -. I do not feel compelled to drink, if I really do not want to not drink alcohol when you are going then get behind the wheel during the holiday season there are more accidents caused by drunken drivers Home - ... sparkling water with ice and a slice Lemon can perfectly replace alcoholic drinks, especially if you do not want to go to the person who knows how to play Home - .. Avoid carbonated drinks that contain lots of sugar and sweeteners are so good, you can lose track of them drink too much.
How can I stop feeling fresh? / u
late night hours, alcohol, smoke-filled rooms and multiply; Food safety - all these can affect our appearance if you had a particularly stormy night, try the rest the next day to eat snacks, drink lots of water, eat fresh vegetables and chicken or turkey, fish as well .. Try
. Home - Eat breakfast, no matter how small - fruit, cereals and eggs
- Juice Drink contains carrots, apples, and beets. ginger will help to detoxify the body and provide the body with essential nutrients, especially vitamin C. Home - Prepare herbal tea can pomócw stomach problems - chamomile, mint, ginger, dill and green tea ..
seafront Tips for Christmas day / u Home -. Instead of candy can be a snack, get a bowl full of dried fruit orzeszkówi
Home - raw vegetables with dip - hummus , guacamole and salsa - are a good alternative for heavy snacks Home -. Do not drink large amounts of fluids during a meal that does not help to flush it out of the body weakens ... This action of the secretory glands of digestive system, thereby reducing their effectiveness
-. Do not forget to eat slowly and chew thoroughly chewing is essential for digestion, helps prevent bloating and indigestion

. -. Precise chewing of food decreases the likelihood of overeating you send a signal to our brain that we are already full
-. If you want to fill your plate with vegetables do differently .. Select, separate equipment colors and flavors of the vegetables are excellent sources of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so you can eat at any size Home - Vegetables should be lightly steamed and served with olives. niesłonym. oil or butter with herbs, sea salt and pepper Steaming is fast and helps to preserve all the nutrients Home -. before baking potatoes, cut them into large pieces and mate to produce hot water reduce the absorption of surface oil .. use olive oil, obtained in this way, the subtle taste of Home -. use garlic and / or fresh or dried herbs, youll get great taste and odor
. Home -. remove the skin from Chicken and turkey can taste great, but it is highly caloric Home -. meet and make vegetable fillings Home -. Use low-fat yogurt instead of butter and cream for dessert Home -. Select one normal sized piece of cake, instead of 2-3 smaller pieces Home - Christmas is a time to work, but do not forget to move Take a little time each day for exercise, 15 -. walk 20 minutes before or after meals may be helpful in this force will feel refreshed and easier to digest that you should do something more than sit in front of the TV .. a bowl of candy and watch video replays.
u more about healthy living. / u
change their habits to start
movement, even it May be a few minutes walk
struggle with daily habits, such as caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and sweets.
involved in the family and friends
Think healthy.

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