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How to care for animals in the summer

Caring for pets during the summer daylight saving time not only for us humans is the time where we have to deal with the enormous heat and continue to flush the body

summer period, not only for us humans is the time where we have to deal with the enormous heat and continue to flush the body of the same is true with animals survive the summer, one double and very high temperatures, the harder it is for them very difficult .. , if only because of thick hair. As owners should take special care of our pets, especially during the holidays. Here are some tips on how to care for animals in the summer.
essential element of care for animals during the summer, do not change the biological cycle . walking should be about the same time of day as before, but in the summer should be reduced. It is strictly dependent on weather conditions.
Another important aspect of caring for the animal to ensure continuous access to water bowls. It should also open the bathroom door to the dog or cat can lie on the cool tiles and cool the body. But you should not leave the animals on the balcony, it can lead to overheating.
condemnation thing is to leave the animals in the heated, stuffy cars. Dogs only have sweat glands on the pads. There is enough to cool the body. As a result, it can lead to overheating. dog becomes restless, irritable and excited jet. Leaving your dog long in the heated room can even lead to his death. If you see these symptoms in your pet, consult your doctor.
animal must be placed in a ventilated place and not to go out with him for long walks and give him constant access to water. You can also do cold packs or wet towels to wrap some ice in a cloth cubes and put the dog on the head.
If you are planning to make your pet to travel by car, you should be doing very often stops, walk the dog, allow him access to water. It is not advisable to open windows. do not care about this issue in the animals great because it can cause disease ears, eyes or wounds. year period is not just Sun stroke, and exposure to many other diseases. forget vaccinations against contagious and infectious diseases, as well as prevention against external and internal parasites, which are the cause of many life threatening disease in both dogs and owners. Lots of dog owners should also be noted that in accordance with the Animal Protection Act can not keep dogs on chains. to tie a dog in the kennel can even result in death.

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