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How to get rid of mice

How to get rid of mice in the house mouse is a big problem for its residents

mice in the house is a big issue for our residents often carry various diseases and destroy our floors, furniture, carpets, and even worse our food supply Mice were constant companion of man, where are located ... where the dead man. Perhaps the invasion took place at the beginning of agriculture, when man assumes his farm, farm. Mice are rodents, which are easily adapted to different conditions. can be found in warm climates and in cold places. Their herd to live even in the mines, or cold. What eats a mouse answer is simple. all. no problem eating plant products, animals, or even the newspaper notes. In this article you will find tips on getting rid of these unwanted guests.
First, scharakteryzujmy mouse behavior in order to better understand enemy. looks like a mouse, everyone knows. What can you say about your life? Shares mice are hierarchical. to rodent life span is usually 1.5 years. not dead, it is long, but very quickly multiplies. can transfer all kinds of diseases. Mouse leads primarily nocturnal, so it is difficult to see that day.
What mouse? This is a very important question. answer can not bring us very much joy and satisfaction. Of course, the war in mice must be well prepared. strategy must be well designed, so you destroy all the members of this gang. first method we use is our irreplaceable friend, cat. to get rid of mice, to call a cat on our thresholds. After several days, the cat should get some parts of these rodents. You can leave the house several cats. then the effects will be visible.
Another solution is simply deserved better mousetrap. It is best to buy some of these pitfalls and implementation of the night around the house. What should I put in, to lure the mouse? There are various theories. Some people say the cheese, and others, that crust of bread. I think you should try all the suggestions. It is a trap smoked something, because it will mask the smell of a man, who avoid the mouse. the best piece of gently smoked owner lives.
What to avoid ? Some are in contrast to the venom in mice. Why? This is justified by the fact that the mouse can eat poison do they hide in their hiding place and die there. After some time at home can be the smell of decaying bodies. Therefore, it is better to keep the traditional ways.
If these methods do not score, the best access to specialists. In most cases, remove the disinfectant in the mouse.

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