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How to get rid of lice

How to get rid of lice Lice were, are and will be

ears were, are and will be, of course, in modern times the likelihood of ear infections is lower than ever, Why, of course, given the development of drugs that are more effective when people had to manually remove .. ?. Ears, or use natural products, whose effectiveness is questionable. Lice can survive without host up to 2 months. It is definitely hard to fight with them. After 6 days ear infection, they begin to lay their eggs, or nits. This contributes to increasing A number of these parasites on the skin. Depending on the type of ears, their place of occurrence is different. Youll learn more later in the article. You will also find information on the fight against these parasites.
must first mention the kind of ears, because depending on the method of treatment may be different. Mainly engaged in various kinds of preparations, although sometimes you can buy a universal ear preparations. There are lice and pubic and clothing. ears, as the name suggests, they attack the skin of our head. usually in preschool children and adolescents. pubic lice can also be acquired through sexual intercourse, or by wearing an infected ear. Do not move close to the head. clothing lice are most often the problem of homeless people and alcoholics. There are usually a natural disaster. rare honor.
What do you do when you begin to see us often itchy scalp, or groin area? Of course, you must first check if you have ears. If you do not have the ability to verify that it is good to ask a trusted person for help. First you need good eyesight. the skin to look black or brown dots. It may appear small dots, that have nits or lice eggs.
If you find any lice, recommendations are simple. After First do not panic as soon as possible should go to the pharmacy for proper preparation for the eradication of lice and nits which are mainly different kinds of shampoos and sprays for example, You can buy .... Paranit and Delacet and Artemisol and Hedrin or Pippi For this type of preparation involved the proper crest with lice comb.
not forget that if you discover head lice at home, or family member, it must be disinfected and the environment should carefully check whether other family members do not have ears. Wash the clothes of people who have ears to 60 degrees. do the same with linen and nawleczkami.
sabadyli some solution or kerosene used to remove lice. Apply the solution and wait a while, and then wyczesujemy lice comb. If we find nits, that removing them can take a little longer.

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