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How to replace the water in the tank

How to replace the water in the tank One of the biggest mistakes that aquarium owners are exchanged over the water at the same time

One of the biggest mistakes that aquarium owners are exchanged over the water once the water is not as simple as it sounds, it requires a lot of time and here are tips and advice on how to properly ... Replacing water in the tank.
Fill the container / bucket with clean water, youre going to use to replace the water in the tank. water separately for 24 hours.
treated water to add vitamins and trace elements to ensure balance. biological aquarium
disconnect all electrical equipment - heater, filter -. to prevent damage
Drain the water from the aquarium, using an empty bucket and hose water to be poured into the bucket., set them below the water level in the tank Insert one end of the tube in the mailbox bottom, while the other gently suck -. like youre drinking straw -. Pay attention to the movement of water in the intestine and in case you do not drink the water but close. paragraph hose into an empty bucket
Move the lower end of the hose zassaƂy biggest fish feces
Wait until the tank will leave as much water as you mention -. max. 20% - and then pull the hose from the tank.
Add prepared prior to the aquarium water, pouring slowly.
Turn off electrical devices that were previously excluded.

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