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How to build a house for bumblebee

How to build a house for Bumble Bee In recent years the number of bumblebees has declined significantly, and this is due to changes in agriculture

In recent years the number of bumblebees has declined significantly, and this is due to changes in agriculture, if you want to create for them a safe angle, you can build your nest on high ..
collect the amount of nesting material, preferably from an old mouse nest. Or cut some dry straw, avoiding damp and rotten parts.
form of fencing mesh into the bay so that the socket will be dry and adequately supported. Fill it with lots of bedding material, but avoid the limitation.
do with needle drainage holes in the old piece of pipe. cradle to put in a pot, and then slide inside the pipe so that the top of the smallest angle formed with the base, allowing for easy entry and exit to the bumblebees shelter.
dug a hole in the ground, deep enough to come to him, in the third pot. This will be partially buried in the ground, which will create a cold and wet conditions that the bees are needed.
holding cradle, and the seat tube, gently rotate the pot bottom to top. then place it into the ground and make sure that there are no kinks in the pipe.
Place loose soil around the edge of the pot and pipes, leaving the wire ends protruding above the surface. At the top of the pot to put the list to provide a dry shelter.

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