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How to cut your nails guinea pig

To cut the nails guinea pig guinea pigs nails grow very quickly that they are too long to really prevent them from walking?

guinea pigs nails grow very quickly that they are too long to really prevent them from walking nail clipping guinea pigs May seem at first a little difficult, but when the practice is easy to do. Home. Plan covering at least a guinea pigs claws once a month on the animals remained healthy and happy. Below you will find instructions on how to cut nails guinea pig.
u You should know that ... / u
Guinea pigs have four toes on front feet and only three feet to the rear feet and nails are constantly growing. However, not all guinea pigs are excellent. Sometimes it happens to have extra fingers or toes look like growths, which must be inspected by a veterinarian.
u accurate cutter / u
guinea pigs nails should be cut a special cutter, which can be purchased from most pet shops. nail these animals are very thick and round, so ordinary scissors and nail clippers people can not cope. In addition, the scissors can you miss what you can accidentally damage the pigs broad .
u Note the blood vessels / u seafront
bright nails of guinea pig / u
mumps claws are cut very carefully to avoid damaging blood vessels naczyniek. in guinea pigs with blue hair is very easy, because you can see where it starts innervated part - it is slightly pink, while the rest of the nail is transparent milk-dark nail
seafront of the guinea pig / u
It is difficult to case of guinea pigs with dark hair, because their claws are usually uniformly dark. If your guinea pig has dark nails, then you need someone to help. Ask another person to nail mumps said lamp on the other hand Page claws, dark and even a little transparent, by highlighting the line you can see where the end of the blood vessels - will be dark claw -. You can also see the blood vessels abroad looking for guinea pig nails under the light . br u
angle nail clipping guinea pigs / u
It is the angle from which mumps cut nails. Do not cut them at right angles, just a little bit of bias - parallel to the ground .. It will be easier to walk mumps
Of course, it is easier to cut nails mumps if you put it on your lap belly up, but most of the pigs was not angry at this point, however, if your. This amount will determine the height of the lower set of inputs. If a female / female, lower intake of 1 cm, so as not to cut the nipple on the lower edge of the door.
Place the door frame for cat / dog and draw a pencil in it.
Mark of the doors will lock the door.
drill at the marked locations.
Chainsaw cut along the lines drawn around, and then remove the cut piece.
Put the door in the final hole and tighten the door to the right places.

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