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How to get used to a cat a cat

How to get used to the cat the cat you already have a cat, but is run on the idea that the cause of another, or maybe you already have two cats, and do not know how to convince you that I do not care?

already have one cat, but is run on the idea that the cause of another, or maybe you already have two cats, and do not know how to convince them that you do not worry Cat friendship is only possible?.! To follow these tips and everything will be fine.
u give the new cat in quarantine. / u As soon as the download of a new kitten home to hide it from doing that already with you. pomieszkuje refer to an old cat - no offense to all cat -. It is best if your new kitten will be closed, for example, in one of the room somehow got used to the new location there is no need to inform the old cat. new resident. a new cat is accustomed to the environment.
u Do not let the old cat in a room where resides Youngblood. / u old cat will definitely see that something is wrong and will feel the presence of other cats, but that does not mean you have to admit to it. not to. Play with him and pulled his attention away from the room in which the hold of a young kitten.
Help u
adapt to a new kitten. / u Let it get used to the smell of a new home and the smell of a cat who lives with you now. Do it with socks. Rub the sock on the old cat, for example, during the game. Let soak socks smell of a good cat. Take a sock and put the wheel of a new kitten. be hissed, but this is normal. It is getting used to. But if the all right, the rewards dz cat.
old kitten Help u accept the presence of a new individual. / u Use the above method with socks, but for obvious reasons, to use a new clean socks. award does not accept it as the smell of socks. Leave
u socks with cats for several days. / u You can have them again and again rub the cats who have passed their smell. To completely subdue them, you can slowly introduce the cats with me.
u Close the old cat in another room than the one in which resides a new kitten. / u At this time, announce a new cat from the room to read at home. As he came from, pozwiedza close it again in his room. Then let the old cat and watch his reaction to the presence of a new cat in your area. repeated this trick several times. Let the two cats used to.
u you can use the security objectives for the children to become familiar with each cat. / u Open the door to the area which keep the new kitten, but zatarasuj door protective of children, preferably two to cat jumped. your old cat will soon appear on one side of the neck, while the new queens will be curious to him on the other hand looked at. let the cat in this way learn. If, however, are not too positive on each set, the residence time of dosing them with each other, with daily increase.
u When cats do not relate to each other with aggression, you can separate the door and let them more contact. / u all the time, however, closely watch the cat on them nothing popped to mind. However, after a long time with their adaptation to odors, and Stockings, and then touch the cat fence should not be do not be hurt, and it should start at a distance to get used to each other. this distance in time, of course, reduced.

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