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How to feed your cat

How to feed your cat Feeding your cat seems to be very easy if you adhere to certain rules

Feeding your cat seems to be very easy if you follow some rules of course, the most appropriate food for cats, but many people are well-fed cat food for the people below you will find what is harmful to your cat and what should not feed him ...
u tuna and salmon - can cause allergies / u May
cat be allergic to tuna and salmon Sometimes we want to make a real pleasure to your cat by giving him fresh tuna or .. These salmon fish may, however, he only hurt Moreover, fish has a sharp, thin bones, which can be placed in the throat or get stuck in the esophagus, then at best, cat vomit, in the worst case - .. you will always have to say goodbye his friend
u MILK -. Do not give adult cats / u
adult cats should not drink milk There is a myth that cats drink milk, but it is! not true. drink milk only for small kittens and their mothers milk is not cows. Cows milk is not intended for animals, especially cats, because it causes diarrhea and other health problems. Cats should drink only water. It should always be available for cats - especially when they are dry cat food -. If your cat loves milk, after all, give him condensed milk or cream
u Nesvizh MEAT -. do not give a cat / u
Cats should not eat meat is bad. Most dogs just do not eat meat only feet tangled up and see you reproachfully, however, but if the cat eats string cleaning vomit. a visit to the vet
seafront BONES - do not give cats / u Bone
especially poultry bones and bone could seriously damage your pet cat bones. Poultry very sharp break in pieces and, like the bones may hurt your throat, esophagus, and even the walls of the stomach and intestines cat.
u MEAT / u
Meat is the basis of nutrition. each cat raw meat should be previously frozen for about 3 days to kill viruses - Salmonella and parasites -. cats can eat the heart of food can lead to liver health conditions must be fresh meat
..! u EGGS / u Eggs
cat can truly enrich your diet cat can eat hard boiled eggs or raw egg yolk -. not give cats raw protein -

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