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How to fight moles

How to fight against the mole mole clothing destructive pests and plants

clothing destructive pests and plant these little creatures as prey in your closet, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in your home Getting rid of moles should be your top priority, especially when the suspect .. that could make the larvae in your home.
u first locate the places where they are attacked by moths / u. whether they belong to your kitchen? Government? the government shoes? When namierzysz place live mole, immediately clear mb deep!
Prepare for orders. cleaned the place before demand moles, u remove all clothing racks, food containers, utensils and food / u An empty closet with shoes too
u vacuum and do laundry / u Thoroughly vacuum the entire room : ... the carpet, cabinets,, shelves and walls. Hard surfaces should be washed with a coarse cloth dipped in a mixture of detergent and warm water. gives only a rough cloth to remove the walls and shelves moth larvae. After zeskrobaniu contaminants, spray or wipe the surface with vinegar individual. To do this thoroughly, if possible, remove all shelves and clean each one individually. All items that are in contact with food must be thoroughly cleaned.
u throw a whole food that has contact with moths. / u This is particularly true for grains and flours, such as moles favorite products. In the meantime, say goodbye to tea, raisins and nuts, even if you keep them well-packed. You do not want to eat the larvae of the pier, right?
be accurate. Remember that the accuracy of the seafront clean rooms and walls / u is essential that suddenly appeared, / U If you see a mole, just kill him. Check is also available in stores means a mole, you can deploy at home or put in cupboards.
Once you get rid of moles, you should take the seafront
and to prevent their recurrence / u. Since moles can be brought up at the store every time you buy a product or a granular flour, after bringing it home, put it in four days in the refrigerator. Low temperatures will kill the larvae and eggs of moles that could be on the packaging.
If you want your kitchen to avoid attack on the food moth seafront / u, hold flour, bread and all the granules produced in sealed containers. Work best are those made from metal, glass or hard plastic. To check whether the container is airtight, fill it with water and check for leaks. Do not use plastic bags. If these methods do not help here, store products at risk of attack by moles in the refrigerator. Similarly
must fight seafront moths that feed on their clothes. / U You have to destroy all eggs and larvae. If you suspect that blouse and pants are the larvae of moths, wash them. After washing, dry the clothes well, and then put them in the refrigerator. If you freeze small batches of clothing such as socks and gloves, put them in a bag and place in refrigerator for 2-3 days. After this time, remove them and dissolve. Eggs and dead larvae shaking to remove clothing.
place where clothes should also be kept thoroughly clean. Remove all shelves from cabinets, racks, remove the drawers from dressers. As a cleaning agent, use bleach. Make sure you clean every corner, EDGE, surface and corner seating.

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