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How to train a dog jumping on guests

How to train a dog jumping on guests arrival of guests for a dog and a very exciting event for dog owners

for a dog and a very exciting event for dog owners -. And annoying if your dog jumps on guests happily read these instructions and learn how to make the dog was quiet and guests visit was enjoyable for all.
start working on the command sit / stay. You must teach your dog to sit at least 2 minutes in place as soon as you hear the bell or knock on the door.

When the trauma is greater, and the claw bleeds, few know how to work properly. In this article I write, what to do if your dog is sick nail. If
claw dripping blood, you have to start dressing. After one to two hours to see what happened to the wound.
In the case of a broken claw, with no top, wear a small bandage on one or two days.
If the claw is broken, you should take your dog to the vet.

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