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How to teach your dog the command give voice?

How to teach your dog the command give voice barking on command is usually easy to do the trick most of the dogs

Barking on command is usually easy to do the trick most of the dogs, but we should not teach a dog too this skill, because it might encourage him to show dominance to start learning, you must ensure that the dog is. Ready for and enough patience to rent if the delicacy and bite your hand, it means that we should defer to later studies barking and start with something simpler
science itself is not difficult.
Number of commanding the dog to sit, when I do give voice and show him a treat.
refreshments should be placed beyond the reach of your pet.
even if the acoustic signal, we praise him and reward treat.
With the beep does not loosen over time and allow dog will not bark, full of loud, then he is nagródźmy food.
If your pet is very resistant, you can try more poszczuć delicacy.
could show it to heal by the sword at the door and wait, the probability that this time, barks playing or even increases.

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