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How to identify the age of cat

Recognising Download old cat from a shelter kitten or cat found on the street, were never quite sure of his age

Download a kitten from a shelter or cat found on the street, were never quite sure of his age Here are some tips on how to identify the age of the cats
Teeth small cats -. Their number and type. First teeth appear in the kitten at the age of 2-4 weeks - incisors and canines -. premolars are usually between the ages of 7-8 weeks Cats have 26 teeth
age 3-4 months .. milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, as it does in humans permanent teeth is more than the milk of four molars -. total of 30 teeth - ..
adult cats teeth in the dental health of older cats can be cats determinants of age. Older cats tend to have health insurance. old cat incomplete dental health.
weight. Low body weight can be a sign that this is a young cat or cat suffering from malnutrition.
Sexual maturity. Most cats become sexually mature at the age of 5-6 months. signs of sexual maturity is ability of the site by men. Usually at that age cat nucleus are clearly visible. Females will be in heat for the first time in ages from 5-12 months. in estrus females is reflected in the constant spinning and friction.
fur. Fur young cat is very soft and sensitive. As we age getting harder and thicker.
eyes. healthy dogs and cats should be transparent and clear eyes, no haze. These are the eyes of cats under 5 years of age. eyes are getting older cats confused and often teary.
young women. In the first few months of life, the kitten looks very easy to change so that we can determine their age. Cats open their eyes at the age of 7-10 days, may occur when you are 2-3 weeks. At the age of four weeks the kitten starts to play, explore and discover new things.

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