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How to bathe a small dog

How to bathe a small dog, as we all know

As we all know - .... The dog is mans best friend, never a problem to us, does not interfere with us, care about your dog as a pet requires any child care We feel that the smaller dog is less problems with nutrient treatments . And what if our little ward has a temper and a very large beast does not like brushing, clipping and bathing? demands and threats fail. Its just a dog, does not understand that it was for his own good. Here are some tips on how to deal with our nervous system, little friend.
First of all, the dog must have a feeling that you are his masters, and to have power., and not vice versa. but I know from experience that this is a boundary in everyday life are vague So, when the very unclear, I suggest you skip the following
try to outsmart our dog for each correct behavior - ... can get the prize - a favorite treat -. But, of course, before we do, somehow we have to approach that, in general, given Touch. tells him softly softly voice. As always, we should not notice any changes in our behavior. must sleep on the watch and distrust.
After we managed to close with a dog around the shower, let us take him we can not determine Remember to show the uncertainty that we have the strength When the dog eventually will feel calm and a little - .... Lets reward for him if he reacts aggressively - do not shout out, briefly and sharply rebuked zakomunikujmy. Such dog registration as a signal of confidence by its owner .
However, if the situation is not as rosy as described in the preceding paragraphs, and the dog panics and tries to respond aggressively to bite us, translations, reprimand and awards more help in the final situation in which, despite a small clove of your pet, we see tremendous aggression -. must act decisively Just as a child -. If a dog senses that ustąpiliśmy - .. never win with him, proposing a proven way to personal clothing while the skin - or work -. gloves Suddenly, the dog movement unieśmy and let him put it where it will be hold a nursing student should be a little surprised by his aggression on us does not work if he tries to bite us in the game - ... some do. With rękawiczkom - does not hurt the dog must show us that we are not afraid, and his aggression does not change the status quo and a commitment to nurture it after a while the senseless biting our hands - the dog will give up ... and thats exactly what you want It could be. immediate victory, but when we use the absolute method several times - the dog will understand that the treatments are strictly optional.

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