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How to teach your dog clean

How to teach your dog clean Teaching your dog to resolve beyond the physiological needs can be very difficult if you do not know how to go about it

Teaching your dog
solves their physiological needs of the outside can be very difficult if you do not know how to go about it, in fact, it is not impossible to do what we need is a little time, patience, i. Desire.
u what not to do. / u You May have heard here and there from many people that the best way oduczenia dog pee on the carpet in the house wiping his nose in the urine by repeated loud and clear, do not do it!. Well, unfortunately, this is not the best solution. All I understand it is a puppy that got him a lesson, for unknown reasons. puppies are too young to understand that there is a lesson from it for a reason. For them it is a natural instinct, that fills a need. not mutilate him writhing on the mental, because unnecessarily intimidated.
u praise and reward your dog. / u Repeat as Pieskow wrote good care of their needs outside of one of the most
that during training a puppy. Dogs feel very excited when they talk, because they know that something is well done and appreciated for it. eventually realize that every time he praised the care of the outside, not in the house. by praise and reward him from time to time for some gentle was appropriate behavior.
u arise when dog. / u Puppies have very small bladders, and sometimes you feel that you have to go out with his dog, every five minutes, but its not the point. He drives it every time you wake up, after meals, before you put to sleep and most importantly, after completion of each game. walking the dog after the game is very important because dogs are very excited and when they need to urinate more frequently. If the dog before Sleep does not want to go outside, play with it for awhile, and youll quickly initiated if necessary.

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