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How to make a natural remedy for mosquitoes

How to make a natural remedy for mosquito mosquito Making your own resources is very simple

own funds mosquito is very simple you can easily control the composition of the measure, so you do not have to worry about the content of chemicals There are several measures you can do the same, all in all, everything ... you have to do is dilute some of the Essential oils that repels mosquitoes and smell them fool you, so that they can find. These oils are not mixed in water, so you can connect with each other or with alcohol. It is important to be alcohol is essential and which are safe for your skin. Also, do not go overboard with the amount of oil. can have an allergic reaction. If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use all measures to mosquitoes, do you buy at the store or home remedies przyrzÄ…dzonego. Consult. first with your doctor
u oil that are effective against mosquitoes are: / u Home - cinnamon oil, Global - Oil of citronella, home - eucalyptus oil, Home - chestnut oil
u oils that can be a safe base and alcohol are : / u Home - olive oil, Home - sunflower oil,
. - Canola Oil, Home - witch hazel, Home -. vodka
If you want to make a larger amount of mosquitoes, you can mix 1 part essential oil and 10-20 parts of oil or alcohol base . br If you need just a little, mix 10-25 drops of essential oil with 2 tablespoons oil or alcohol base.
Mix one of the essential oil from the oil or alcohol base. Rub the skin , Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive skin series. After about an hour, or every time you exit the water and exercise, you will need to repeat the process.
unused product can be stored in a dark bottle, away from direct sunlight.

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