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How to keep your cat a pill

How to pill your cat oral tablets cat to eat is a challenge and can be nearly impossible

Oral tablets cat to eat is a challenge and can become almost impossible Here are some of the tricks used by veterinarians, who can help us to task
.. Crushing tablets u: / u
best way to give your cat pills crushed by a very fine powder
prepared powder is mixed with a few drops of salad oil
then .. Spread the mixture is prepared in this way the total length of the cat, so that it can reach all parts of the body lubricated with ointment. Cats are very clean animals, so youll start to clean your hair with all the dirt. So, you take your cat a pill.
/ ul
Before using this method, please contact vet. Some tablets require slow digestion, and their crushing accelerates this process. dose will be too strong for your pet. by rubbing powder into the hair are not always passed the test
u hiding tablets. / u
hide the pill in the food that your cat is very loving, and who rarely or none at all. Remember, before the
the vet and ask their opinion.
treat the Best custard cheese, but can be different,. wnież taste of food for infants using sausage pie is a good choice for cats who love
first cat used to give him food treats without pills ... the cat gets used to the natural flavors and fragrances.
treat now apply to the bowl and hide the pill in it. It can also be used in food with pills in hand. excited cat seemed not even aware of the fact that he ate the pill.
If the cat will not eat all the pills, try it broke. consult your veterinarian and make sure that the way the drug is safe.
/ ul
crystal tablets
Place the tablet on a metal spoon.
teaspoon second place in the first and press down.
Crush tablets and left the contents of a spoon. There are also special device for crushing pills available in pet stores.
tablets dissolve in a little water or milk, you drink a cat with fluid control pills work better
/ ul
seafront wrapping method ..: / u
Fill syringe - without a needle -. few millimeters of water
carefully wrap in a towel cat , to give him a sense of security and prevent the hand from scratch
Open your mouth. cat pressing the thumb and forefinger of the jaw joint.
Hold a cat head with one hand ia second to throw a piece of plate to the pets throat.
Put the syringe in the cat mouth to the end was in the back of the throat and inject a little water.
If you were able to give the pill deep enough, the cat will swallow it immediately. If, however, has this problem, you need to gently hold the cat and rub it on doors to ensure that the panel swallowed. Massage the fast swallowing tablets. This is a very important part of treatment. massage does not work, you can blow your nose, cats, also makes a cat a pill to swallow. After swallowing tablets cat starts to lick the nose, is almost certainly .
/ ul
u Sposóbz running neck: / u
Put the cat on the table
Fill the syringe without the needle a few millimeters of water ..
understanding of the cats neck and lift, so it stands on its hind legs - gently pull the skin, like a cat carries her kittens - .. Put your cats front paws on my stomach in this position, the cat itself opened his mouth to take a pill and shove it deep in the throat, language, you must do it quickly and decisively, because the cat is sure to defend
After inserting the pill into the throat gently begin massaging your neck and esophagus cat - cat massage ... thanks to swallow pills.
Place syringes on the cats throat and inject a little water.
/ ul
u To insert a pill into the throat cat / u

Catch the cats head to the left above - if youre right-handed -. Keep to your fingers touching both sides of the jaw bone - grip does not cause pain or discomfort
cats head .. Pull back the cat opens mouth
Keep the tablet itself -. pill -. in his right hand with thumb and forefinger, you can use any of the free fingers holding the lower jaw, the cat did not close it Note, however, that. put your finger on the small cloves and no canines pill insert language as much as possible, and then quickly shut the cat mouth and blow your nose - it will swallow tablets -.
If your cat refuses to open his mouth, take a pill. As before holding thumb and forefinger
middle finger to put a cat in his mouth and pull the jaw down - finger on the small cloves, not canine -.
hold open jaw . br
hold the middle finger is still on the small cloves - 3 - and put the pill in the mouth with the middle finger of the cat - 1 - and thumb - 2 -. tablet push up strongly, putting it as far as language, But you have to put it. the language, rather than next to it - then spits out a cat -
important. If you put the pill into the throat, your fingers will be firmly on the cats mouth when the position of the tablets cat will want to immediately shut mouth - so it is important as your fingertips!
After pulling the fingers hold the cats mouth shut, so that he could not open up and spit out the pill, and then begin to massage the neck and throat or gently blow your nose in a cat.


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