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How to calculate the age of the dog

How to calculate the age of the dog Dogs are very loyal and friendly pets

Dogs are very loyal and friendly pets People who keep dogs as pets, they are often treated as a member of the family but unfortunately the dogs life is much shorter than the length of a man depends on the dogs life ... his dog, size and weight of large dogs such as German dogs that live in less than, for example, dogs like Chihuahuas life of a large dog is about 8-10 years, while the lifespan of a small dog will be around 13 -. dog 15 years of life are just part of life the average person. man at the age of 6 years is very young, and the dog was 6 years old is now in middle age. Dogs have a short period of prolonged childhood and adulthood. They begin to walk alone after a period of three weeks from birth up to the age of physical maturity than 18 months. If you have a dog and want to know whether it is in adolescence, adulthood and old age, read the following instructions.
best way to assess the dogs age to examine the state of their dentition.
Check your dogs teeth front, and from the bottom and the upper jaw. dogs have visible marks on the teeth, which disappear after about six years of his life.
Make sure your teeth on a tooth belt .. obviously not raid and had no rough or sharp edges on 12 month old dog to have white teeth, clean teeth with age, becoming smoother and characters begin to lose
dog will have 3 -. 4 years on all the front teeth, pas, they are at the bottom and those at the upper end to all the characters. They not completely smooth and without an air raid.
dog reaches six years, all four front teeth will have a level surface and do not observe any irregularities in them. be smooth and sharp.
age of 10 dog teeth are very close and will not be no markings on them. will become flat and smooth.
If the dog reaches the age of 10-15 years, his teeth shall be formed and then you can see the missing teeth ..

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