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How to bathe a small dog

How to bathe a small dog Are you the owner of a small dog and it was time for the first bath

Owner of a small dog, and it is time for the first bath have no idea how to go about it, and wish that it was not a stressful experience for your pet here are some useful tips that will do. That your dog is not afraid bath.
If your dog is afraid of the water gives it an extract Dr. Bach Rescue Remedy. This will help you overcome the fear associated with water. During the day, make your dog a bath a few drops in a bowl of water. If the dog will be panicking and he just give one drop of extract in the mouth.
ready in the bathroom all the necessary supplies ie towels, shampoo, hair brush, clean the ear buds, etc., do not forget about some pysznościach for your pet.
If the first is usually when dog and youll be angry. Let your dog get used to the bathroom, especially if it is new to the area. Put dry in the bath or sink. Place the bottom non-slip bath mat.
Before you put your dog into the water and Dry brushing the fur to remove dirt and loose hair and smoothed, if the hair is knotted.
Decide where you bathe your dog. This may be a sink, kitchen sink or bathtub. area should be comfortable for you and your dog. In selecting , we believe that a dog might want to jump if he does not swim like her, so if your sink is near the stove to cook better give up such a place.
Pour the water and check the temperature before you put her dog. you can pour water from your dog shower, and even control its temperature.
Bath using shampoo for animals. the best stores to buy it with accessories and cosmetics for animals. You can also buy a soft condition. Do not pour shampoo directly on the hair, just pour a little on your hands, then rub the hair. Avoid
around the mouth, eyes and ears. clean mouth Use wet cloth to gently wipe the dog. ears clean piece of cotton wool.
whole time gently talking dog to feel safe. Rinse shampoo shower.
Take the dog on a towel and wrap it quickly before otrzepie water rozchlapie around. Wipe gently coat kneading.
dryer can dry your hair, but only cold air stream so as not to burn your dog. Your Dog May well disagree on drying.
Brush your pets fur after a bath boasting. award him a dog treat. Then your dog will understand that swimming is not terrible.

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