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How to minimize allergic to cat dander

In order to reduce allergic to cat dander allergy to cat hair is a nuisance, and the destruction of many cat lovers

allergy to cat hair is a nuisance, and the destruction of many cat lovers often want to have a cat at home, but it triggers unpleasant symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose or watery eyes are unbearable for some time .. Cat allergens are very small, easy to get into the air in our nostrils and eyes and are very strong. Cat allergens often remain at home even for a few years. If you decide to leave the cat in the house should follow a few tips to reduce problematic symptoms troubling We allergies.
Do not let the cat in the bedroom. can be difficult, because most cats are, where they normally do, but we can not let that cat allergens are in our bed. Those few hours of sleep without the aid of allergen us through the rest of the day playing with the cat.
With regard to the fact that he certainly could not stop a kitten from us several visits to our bed, wash all bedding at least every two weeks at 40oC. you can buy a bed specifically designed for people with allergies, which can be washed at 60 ° C - eg . Hollofil Allerban -.
Always wash your hands after each game with a cat Odzwyczaj touching the face and hands - more eyes ..
usually wash the cat. There must be a shower or wash. Simply wipe with a damp sponge his coat, and a daily special cat comb comb.
Buying a measure that reduces the causes of allergies. They are often available in. better pet stores and online stores measured sprayed on the cats fur, carpets, furniture and curtains -. Frankly it is best for us to get rid of carpets, curtains and any other material that can accumulate in the cat allergen -.
clean, wash, vacuum, ventilate the room as often as possible. If possible good things cleaner .
you buy the air filter to be installed in every room.
Think about desensitising treatment. It is true, it usually does not help, but sometimes it happens that brings positive results. allergist consult a doctors opinion .

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