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How to care for a hamster

How to care for a hamster Hamsters are cute little pets that require much less attention than a dog or a cat, therefore, are often chosen as pets for younger children

Hamsters are cute little pets that require much less attention than a dog or a cat, therefore, are often selected as pets for young children is not true that absolutely should not be here you will find advice. How to care for The hamster can run around the house you can also buy special plastic ball, which encloses the animal. It works like a wheel, with the difference that the hamster can not go alone, so it will not enter into any corners and we will not bite the furniture or carpets.
hamster in a cage or aquarium to pour sawdust covered floor. Sawdust should be changed once a week, especially during the summer months it can be done more frequently, so that the room where the hamster cage smell is not unpleasant floated. addition of hamster throw sawdust fragmented lignin, these animals love to bury him.
house in pet stores, you can buy special plastic houses, in which hamsters can not sleep. Some pets love them, time, however, will be the hamster, you will not want to sleep in this house, so do not force you to do so.
improve pet.
that the hamster is always friendly you and your home must be at play it regularly and often cuddle him, it can be difficult especially in the beginning, when the small but wild hamster tries to bite, but do not worry, as you know your smell be used. Feeding your hamster
hamster eat a little, but a lot of fun making them funeral supplies in sawdust. for their daily needs feeding only once a day. All hamsters love fresh vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and most willingly eat some apples and even peaches and apricots. Hamsters also need a dry, hard foods reduce the cloves, the basis for them are different nuts, unshelled sunflower seeds, dried corn. In pet stores you can buy special gryzaczki consists of several kinds of beans.
water can be given in special containers or suspended poidełkach. hamster to get lots of fresh vegetables and fruits practically does not drink water, if necessary hamsters eat mainly dry mixture.

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