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How to care for horses

Caring for your horse Caring for horses is a very important step

Caring for horses is a very important step Valid pet happy and healthy, and so you will have a companion for many years, the horses are very large and powerful animal, but to keep the situation .. need a little attention. Horses require constant care. They are also social animals and need constant contact with people and other horses, would not be bored. keeping of horses requires the inclusion of both time and money. You must provide shelter for animals and stables, and, of course, regular cleaning. horse requires daily feeding and watering and care, including vaccinations. Here you will find instructions on how to care for horses.
u Setting horse. / u
U / u Horses require some form of shelter that will protect them from adverse environmental conditions. need shade in summer and protection from cold winds in winter. This may be a barn, stable, shrubs, or a box of shading curtain. If horses are kept in small boxes must be removed daily paddock have enough traffic . fence must be in good condition. Try to avoid barbed wire because the horses can be tangled in it. whole area around the barn and all the pasture to look carefully and see if you can not grow on it any poisonous plants that could be dangerous for horses. Gates would should be safe and well protected, because horses can learn how to open them. If you run a horse to a great extent covered with earth or sand, the feed should be kept in a barrel, or by reducing the consumption of sand, because it can cause convulsions in these animals.
u care and investment. / u Horses
should have constant access to fresh water. Well, if they are also mineral salt or mineral block holder. Horses that graze in the meadow, they have constant access to food, so that more often they are fed, the better, but it is accepted that the horses in the barn to feed twice daily, morning and evening. main components of the diet is roughage a horse and hay. If the horse is kept in pasture, hay must be fed, as long as and have access to green grass. amount and type of food the horse depends on the size and activity. applies to discuss the type of food at the vet, he will help you choose the best for your horse. You must be very careful not to give too much of cattle feed with high protein content. If the horse has a lot of protein, and not very active, you may experience problems with their hooves. best food can be obtained by mixing several types of hay, for example, is a perfect blend of hay and grass hay with a high calorific value of alfalfa. foods containing grains is an excellent supplement, but you must be very careful not to overdo it. excess grain feeding can also cause problems with hooves. stay away from oats and sweet feed, they have too many calories and that horses become hyperactive. Talk to your vet and set the type of food in the amount of movement of the horse. If you care about this horse put on weight, add corn oil to the feed. You can also add special components for nutrition vitamins to strengthen the joints and hooves of animals. Never feed the horses before and after exercise as this can lead the digestive kłopotówz.
seafront care of horses. / u
seafront / u Horses need regular grooming to keep their hair in good condition. It also allows you to check if the horse has no abrasions, wounds or ticks. hooves should be regularly checked and cleaned the slots are not gathered stones. If the bottom of the hoof becomes white, then most likely your horse has ringworm. This is usually caused by standing in the mud. usually enough to move the horse in a dry place, but there cases where treatment is needed.
u behavior of horses. / u
Horses are herd animals. If the pasture is located a few animals at the same time, they must agree among themselves the hierarchy. it is quite normal that the horses from time to time to bite and kick each other. If, however, happen very often, and has a very aggressive form, should be given to the separation of animals. horse pasture usually move in groups and determine the changes, it will stand watch while others choose to relax. While plucking grass in the pasture, all horses will be able to UU eat together. If you feed them from the statements, think about it, it would be enough room for all at once May have something to eat, otherwise they will conflict arises between them. also You can feed the horses in the stable, so you can better monitor zjadanej amount of food at each animal individually. horses are reluctant to leave the group, so you have some problems with the removal of one of the flock to feed it into the stable.

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