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How to understand your cat

How to understand your cat if you have more than one cat, you probably already noticed that even though cats talk with you, he is rarely meow at each other

If you have more than one cat, you probably already noticed that even though cats talk with you, he is rarely meow at each other body of a cat gives more information about their feelings, rather than any sound. So if you really want you to understand your cat, you must learn what his body language really means.
u Touching toes. / u
usual way communication between a cat, which is friendship. When cats greet each other nose touch , check out the smell of each other, they want to know what the man did, when he could not see. You can stimulate your cat nose, gently touching your finger and allowing it to smell it. During the feline population is considered the cultural welcome. If you go to a strange cat, begin to draw knowledge from a finger to his nose and wait to react.
U rubbing / u
friction can mean two things: the friendliness or annoyance .. If your cat rubs his nose against my head against you, it means that he enjoy the sight and feel safe. cat on the face of the scent glands, so when I scraped it with you, it means that he wants to give its smell and the mark as a member of his family. cats scent glands are also found in the tail and anal areas. However, if a cat rubs against something back parts of the body, it means frustration and try to mark territory. cat says: Get out! This land is mine.
u kneading. / u
kneading or rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the front leg to return the cat to his childhood. When the cat was small, so umijesi mothers nipples to stimulate the secretion of milk. If you have ever been able to see the kittens in the state, she will find that they look entirely happy.
Some say that if this behavior is repeated in the adult cat, this means that it is too early separated from his mother. But this is not true. cat behaves this way when its very happy. If additional udeptuje as What are the thighs, or clothes, it means that he feels the same wonderful feeling, as in the days when he was a kitten. Unfortunately, this form of love is sometimes very painful. cat does not prohibit such behavior. put the thighs thick towel or blanket and enjoy trust and love your pet.
u As your ears. / u
mood to hit the cat looking at her ears.
relaxed cats ears from side to side a bit open, as shown in 4 - set up a friendly cat, but uncertain
tail almost horizontally - Figure 5 - the cat is not hostile to you set, or you are not afraid
tail hanging, but grew up in base - Figure 6 - cat aggressive, will be no tail raised, puffed up - Figure 7 - angry cat will attack
tail hanging down - Figure 8 - the cat can be aggressive
tail podkulony - Figure 9 - cat submissive, humble
tail lifts, trembling - Figure 10 - a cat is very happy at the sight
pressure on the tail on the floor - Figure 11 - Cat excited, angry or irritable
tail at rest, moving the tip of the tail - Figure 12 -. cat interested in running
/ ul

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