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How to make friends with the dog

How to make friends with the dogs friendship with a man many dog ​​was able to restore the will to live

Friendship Lots of dog the man was able to restore enthusiasm for life can we understand the dog or man, and totally selfless, give us your trust is important to know what to do if a dog can learn to make friends ..? Keep it Well, I guarantee that you will return the same.
now when we buy a puppy, it is important first night. to alleviate the pain of separation from the mother and loneliness as much as possible.
can take him to our bed and hugged his cancer. In this way the dog will be able to get warm and beating of our heart to remind him of his mother. puppy will feel our warmth and scent, and thus gets to us.
If you do not want to dog when he grows up, he slept in our bed, we should not let them sleep with us. can be inserted into their pen and put it beside the clock is ticking. zmruży Then the eyes of a dog and a ticking watch to remind him that we have a heart beat. calm him down and more at ease.
pet needs a lot of petting and cuddle. You can ask the person from whom we bought the dog, to give us his favorite blanket. smell from the previous recall that puppy home for his mother.
Remember that any separation from You will be painful for the dog. Give him time to understand what you expect it. pet trust, it is very important to him.
Do not be angry at the dog a long time and do not close it as punishment. Do your job, your friends, your entertainment. dog just to have you.
Talk with your dog. Even if they do not understand your words, to understand the tone of your voice.
Remember that the dog will never forget how to treat it.
before it was hit, remember that you have teeth that could easily destroy the bone in his hand, but I never want to bite you.
before skarcisz puppy because he is lazy or do not want to execute your commands, consider that May be the reason . You can not get adequate food. Maybe in a long time was the sun, and you May just be sick
care about the dog, when you are old when you get older
be with him in difficult times, do not say. I can not ... look at it, or I will not be let at the same time. For all the dog will be easier, if you will with it. Do not forget that He loves you.

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