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How to help children survive the death of a pet

How to help children survive the death of a pet Children behave very differently from adults when it comes to losing a loved one

behave very differently from adults when it comes to losing a loved one -. Even his favorite dog, cat or even a guinea pig usually zagadnięte about what they feel responsible all about Yes I know that my dog ​​died. Give me chocolate?. It may seem that the child was not undertaken due to the loss of your pet. childs pain and suffering, but not expressed in his words, only the behavior. Here are some tips to help your child cope with the death of a pet. Life
moment. You have to remember that children living in the moment. Adults like and do not forget the past or plan for the future. Currently, adults too will live. Actually, we do not know what means the return of living for the moment. This means that the child thinks about what happens after death and where at the moment is his dog, cat or hamster. Of course, until the animal died, he lost strength and moved to a small child noticed this fact, and certainly something he said.
Death is a natural phenomenon. Sometimes it seems that the thrill of death were too strong and we want to protect your child from them. talk about death and child run the various rituals associated with it, however, is that what your child needs. you should know that not only adults like to talk about death, but for them it is sad. for the childs death is something new and interesting. Explain to the child process of aging and death. say it is natural and inevitable. This allows your child not to blame for the death of her beloved pet.
a mixture of feelings. Adults usually mixed feelings. are overlapping all together into one unit. In the event of death, often feel guilt, remorse, guilt, longing, sadness, anger, confusion, etc., he feels at any given time only one such a thing my neighbors dog a family member but just as everyone in the family has certain qualities that all work on the nerves example - .... jumping on the table for pozjadać residues. When the dog died, the son of a neighbor noticed that it was a relief to them that they should not continue to discuss the dog to jump on the table. son did not say that life without a dog is better or not to miss. you have to remember not to confuse the childs behavior.
Allow your child to accompany a pet funeral. Wykopcie along the hole, Bury the body and prayed the prayer. child needs to know what happened to the dog after his death. You should not guess or assume.

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