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How to prepare for winter, winter animals

How to prepare for winter, winter animals winter season is very important for pet owners

Winter season is very important for pet owners must realize that at low temperatures, the animals require special treatment so be ready for the winter so as to avoid accidents and other tragedies caused by low temperatures, below. Some tips on how to to care for pets during the winter.
u Prevention of hypothermia. / u
animals can suffer from hypothermia caused by long-term at low temperatures. If possible, keep your pet as much at home with him and just and going for short walks. However, if your pet stays mainly in the field, make sure to have adequate shelter. Must have nowhere to hide from the snow, rain and wind. lined shed with plenty of straw or blankets in order to facilitate the animal to maintain a constant body temperature.
u thawing. / u
to defrost locks and windows are very useful in winter but can be very dangerous for pet animals does not distinguish between what is edible and what is not a snap or swallow such a defroster may even cause death, why do you need to make all the de-icers completely inaccessible to animals - and children too .. -.
seafront hot cars / u
animals in winter yard, such as heat near the hot cars are most vulnerable .. cats, which often fall asleep on a hot engine or around the wheels. If you want to avoid the tragedy before firing him walk around the car around and then the mask to scare the cat warming.
In Proper nutrition and prevention of dehydration. / u
animals in cold weather require extra portions of food to maintain a constant body temperature. Ideally, the food was high energy, which contain much protein. Watch and two J pet is not dehydrated. It is wrong to believe that the dog or cat will benefit from water ice. You have to watch the pet is always fresh and clean water. Try it, it was not too cold, it will be harder to maintain a constant body temperature.

u Do not use heaters. / u
There is a temptation to put an electric heater on the outside, for example, near the huts. should have no bad intentions, but the risk is high. These heaters are often the cause of the fire. Moreover, If the animal is dull and can attack the short cable, plus a pet can be current.
u animals is very similar to humans. / u
needs lots of attention and care. As pet owners need to be sure they are well prepared for the winter months. Make sure you are healthy, well nourished, are convinced warm and dry shelter. If you have any doubts about the survival of winter, the animals talk to your veterinarian.

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