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How to teach your dog to sit

How to teach your dog to sit poorly trained dog is damaging and can pose a danger to themselves and others

poorly trained dog is damaging and can pose a danger to himself and other well-trained dog is a wonderful and pleasant companion proper training will help protect your pet against any injuries, the dog will hear and come running whenever called it.
But before you start training you need to remember a positive attitude. Dogs do not listen to someone who can not control himself, screaming at them, and even spend obedience forces. Instead of using force solutions which do not lead to anything, use the award for each correctly performed the surgery, which requires the dog. With this solution, your pet will be treated as a joint training fun, as much acceptable to both parties.
Training is a complex process, no matter what you teach your dog. key component of any training your dog is the right response to a command issued. If the dog is known correctly and the time will do the job, do not forget to reward and praise. see how quickly your dog learns and how quickly will be able to connect activity recommendation.
Here are some basic tips that will help you learn to command your dog to sit.
first thing you need to do is get a puppy. If you are trying to learn how to sit a little older dog, you need a little more time and patience. most important thing for your dog rendered him unable to recognize and interact with it. some action To do this, when you are walking and your dog will automatically sit, you can issue the command for him to sit, then praise
Use the method of victory - your dog .. will learn faster if zniżysz PSA level, he quickly notices his prize Grab some of their specialties -. pieces should be bite sized -.
hold hands in a closed heal your pet and gently move your hands above your head that will recognize the odor. and will follow it with his mouth. If zniżysz little hand, the dog will be forced to lower body and will likely sit.
key to success is to reward the dog when sitting, but also at the same time, adopt a statement , to associate it with action. So as soon as the dog sits, say sit, and then immediately give him a treat.
praise the dog for the task and give vent to emotions in her voice, showing enthusiasm. see, you do not have long to wait for the results. It really works.
Repeat all, and during each session 3-5 times, but nothing more. Training should be fun and not boring work, so do not overdo it. You can have several sessions throughout the day. Do not forget the regular exercise.
During training you can teach your dog something more than just a few basic tricks. Your pet will be loved spending time with you. learn how to respond when you call him by name. Through such training to strengthen your leadership. Spend a little time for exercise several times a day, thanks to the time the dog will remember all the tricks and having fun together will strengthen the common bond between you.

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