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How to bathe a cat

How to bathe a cat if your cat likes water bath can be very dangerous activity

If your cat likes water bath can be very dangerous activity Cats are clean animals, so if thats not necessarily need to give up your bath.
. Trim your cats claws.
Ask someone to help. You can not bathed cat without someones help. But if you try to do yourself, your cat will run away quickly. you can not keep it, youll be scratched by a cat and water move up the walls, carpets and furniture.
Napuść hot water in the bowl. Ideally, the water at a temperature close to the cat body temperature.
Prepare some towels and shampoo for animals. Close all windows, there are drawings.
would protect themselves from injury should wear a shirt with long sleeves. thicker clothing would be safer for your health.
Indulge your cat with water and ask your assistant to wash it with shampoo.
shampoo, rinse thoroughly with fresh water from the fur. the best thing to wash it off with a shower, but not very powerful stream.
After pulling the cat out of the water with a towel and wrap it well, wipe off. If your cat does not like your hair -. most cats do not like, then save it to further torture itself bath for your cat will be a very stressful experience.

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