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How to train your dog

How to train your dog have a new dog, I do not know how to deal with her wish to be obedient and responsive to your commands, no matter what the situation is impossible?

got a new dog, I do not know how to deal with her wish to be obedient and responsive to your commands, no matter what the situation is not impossible for the following tips to deal with the most mischievous dog training? .. Dog training should start which is earlier than the date on which the dog has made room in our house. Young puppies learn a lot faster, so why wait until its too late? start TODAY. Before attempting dressage you have to learn the same approach to dog dogs. are not born with the knowledge and skills to decipher our expectations should teach them
u first and most important rule - ..! never hit a dog / u Not only is it not fair to him - after all, only to learn a different behavior - but also the dog steal a puppy can be dog sometimes vindictive - .. especially the one who does not know & ndash; ... can throw at you and biting dogs do not fight each other and do not understand why they would be beaten, and even what it means according to them the danger of their health or life, to feel the pain so that a dam No one beating and intimidating the dog does not help in retraining, and can only confirm the opposite effect.
u dog training should take place in a quiet place, / u that the dog can focus on what you are doing and what you learned. In less distracting things around you, the better.
u forget the training did not last too long. / u Dog discouraged. better more or less - it will provide better and faster results the dog will be more focused on what you will learn faster
u Increase your dogs requirements gradually and slowly ... / u Teach the dog one thing at a time. In this way the dog is lost and not know exactly what you want from him.
u Any behavior your dog is an opportunity for her dress. / u For example, if you catch the dog bites a shoe, do not yell at him. It is a good time to teach him chew toys, and no shoes. take a shoe and immediately replace it with a toy. Then praise him that he took the toy, not a shoe. Instead of catching only those situations where your dog does something wrong to remember that, to catch those in the which is something good and praise him just then. it will not last too long before the dog realizes that he should behave like that, because he can not pay. So you and your dog will be pleased.
seafront Dog owners often fall into the trap of thinking that a dog I guess the owner of it. / u The truth is that dogs do not yet know the rules at home and do not know what is right and wrong, especially young puppies. Imagine a situation from the perspective of a dog. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment for themselves without knowing the rules that govern it, like, everything youve learned everything from you, if necessary, without translation?
u award even the slightest effort to your dog. / u So zachęcisz to carry out their orders, which will give the desired results, and the boy will be educated.
u follow simple commands dog. / u to talk to him, commanding way, to sit , we prescribe come. Azorku command type, please sit down now certainly does not pass the exam. Just start training with simple tricks, gradually moving to more difficult.
u Each workout should be fun. / u and dog for you. Then the dog quickly learns to perform various tricks and commands. run together and have fun learning.
u Your right attitude is the key to success. / u If youre in a bad mood, forget the dog training. Wait until you are in a better mood. your dog will feel the negative vibes and all training will not make sense.
u Be patient. / u Every dog ​​is unique and learns at their own pace, Just like children. Some załapią mathematics immediately, others need more time to understand it. Also, patience is very necessary here. all the time do not forget to praise when the dog if he does something good. Do not lose your temper. train your dog more often and less than rare and long. Then you get the best results and not lose patience and interest in the dog so quickly.
u Be generous when it comes to rewarding a dog / u for well-executed commands. But As you will see that the dog begins to gradually reduce załapywać any awards, but always remember that pogłaskaniu dog.
Also remember that tone of voice. / u dog breath. Speak gently to the dog, He will know that you are happy with it. Dogs can feel these vibrations. feels when you are evil, and when not.
seafront schools is becoming more common for dogs, which help you to use. / u Dog nursery work the same way as a nursery for children. They provide opportunities for young dogs breaking out of the house, meet other people Pieskow learn the basics, while a bit of fun. This is a good choice, especially for busy people or those who simply do not know how to handle dogs. school for dogs can learn dressage and podpatrzeć how it should look like. Usually the first hour of the individual dog trainer and he could feel about him as much as possible to find. coach will explain all the behavior of the dog and will try to find the best for both of you from your situation. dog must learn, above all, obedience in different situations. At this point the dog also learns socialization, which is exactly the behavior. psówi presence of other foreigners Check if your area does not have a similar place and, necessary to use a school for dogs
is also important -. if you often travel to wonder at all that the dog does. So because someone has a dog in your absence addressed. Also you can take with you, but you must teach the dog to travel. begin to learn from taking a dog for short trips and gradually increase the travel time. Remember that when traveling Pieskow leave the vehicle and the prevention of. Always have fresh water. Pack a separate bag on the way to the dog. His favorite toys, food, any medications, if necessary.
If the dog is cursed guests, teach him not to come into the room where guests usually stay. This will avoid unnecessary crowds mad dog.
If he goes ahead and does not respond to you obviously do not can focus their attention on himself, or was tired. Use of taming this time, when the dog is excited. Focus attention on the dog and start working with him.
u you learn some tricks repeated several times throughout the day. / u But again and again. Only when you have time and feel like a dog. Remember that your dog is not forced to do anything. not get any results. Try instead to focus his attention on himself. zachęcisz go snack that dog will get the job.

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