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How to calculate the age of the cats

How to calculate the age of cats Many people think that the age of the cat in terms of human years is calculated by multiplying the number of cats in 7 years

. Lots of people think that the age of the cat in terms of human years is calculated by multiplying the number of cats in 7 years, but this is not true cats grow old - or - mature - much faster in the first two years of their lives. As the This calculator shows exactly, youll learn below.
cat turns 15 years ending with the first year of human life, and at the age of 24 years in 2 years. Every new cat is about 4 years of the calendar year. For this reason, the 5 - year-old cat will be around 36 years of human.
Also worth living cat. Cats in the wild or released outside of regular aging much faster than domestic cats.
Age of cat is best read with special diagrams, such as the one shown above the age of the white cat was given a conversion in the Bronze Age in human years -. light brown color represents domowemu cat, dark brown - the cat that lives in the wild -.
If you do not know the exact age of your cat, There are some hints that will help you determine your approximate age are:.
teeth - is an excellent indicator of age. cat Older cats are more tightly to the teeth - if the previous owner did not remove it regularly -. of Young kittens first teeth grow between 2-4 weeks of age, a little over a set of teeth occurs about four months, if we see it. Your cat has a complete set of white teeth, that means no more than a year. teeth begin to work on the yellowish 1-2 years, and the stone is taken on all teeth, when a cat is between the ages of 3 -5 years, if the teeth are missing, it means that your cat is now a senior
muscles - ... young cats have well-defined muscles due to an active lifestyle older cats are more angular - or fat - and often have a slightly sagging skin
fur -. young cats have soft, smooth fur, and older - thicker and thicker fur pretty old cats may have traces of gray fur
eyes - .. clear, clear eyes, the domain of younger cats if the cat eyes are a little blurry, about 12 years old You should also pay attention to the iris, the young cats have smooth iris and old - .. a little frayed at the edges.
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