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Caring for Siamese cat

Caring for Siamese cat Siamese cat is a cat breed with a rich royal history

Siamese cat is a cat breed with a rich history of this royal breed comes from Thailand -. Former Siam - .. and is the oldest breed of cat bred man Siamese are very intelligent breed him this is not so difficult to care for Some longhaired cat breeds - such as Persian cats -.
syjamami it is not difficult, because the dogs of this breed is generally healthy and strong high quality foods, rich in protein and fatty acids. Omega cat will be healthy and happy.
Combing Siam is not necessary because of the short fur, and in addition, the Siamese themselves concerned about their health often and thoroughly to wylizujÄ…c.
Siamese Cats are very affectionate and eager attention of the owner, so you should spend some time every day for fun and petting.
If you want to bathe a cat, you have to get used to it from my youth. It can be very difficult to swim unaccustomed to the water, an adult Siamese cat because of his temperament.
Siamese love human company. why not breed For people who rarely stay in the house. to Siam was happy to devote daily time to play.

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