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How to make friends with the dog or cat

. How to make friends with the dog or cat when pet at home, you have to get used to each other

Pet at home, you have to get used to each other you need to create a safe and friendly environment for the animals and allow him to explore every corner of the house, so that it will develop its own personality and set of rules to be. Consistent. Treatment of certain rules, teach your pets routine, and so earn their trust. Here are tips on how you can meet their new responsibilities.
Let your pet know your new home. Make his day, a place that will only be his, he can take refuge, to get used to your presence and the new environment. Do not do anything by force. Do not do it on a caress. With time student and I will come to you, requiring sensitivity.
Reduce the gap that separates you gradually. behave normally, it is just as zachowywałeś pet before you came. If even some housework frighten your pet, you can not refrain from ich.Zwierze have to get used to them.
Remember the regular meals. If the animal does not know what might be expected, it will be easier to trust him. procedure specified by the plan will make your pet a safe environment in which they will have time to eat, its time for fun and time to rest.

Praise your pet for good behavior, and translate it if you did something wrong. Ive never hit an animal. always keep a friendly tone, to calm your pet when he found himself in a stressful situation.
good conduct during his command correctly you reward your pet with some goodies ... but in moderation, does not dissolve.

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