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Domestic aphids

. Homemade solutions for aphids Getting rid of aphids in the garden is very important

.. Getting rid of aphids from the garden is very important these insects are very sharp jaws and can eat all the green parts of plants in later years and secrete a sweet honeydew attract ants, which also nadgryzają list of aphids. Can attack all parts of the plant, but I especially like the youngest, who only grow. The biggest problem is that aphids can carry viruses from one plant to another, causing plant diseases. Here are some tips on how to eradicate head lice home remedies.

u manually remove lice. / u
Currently, manual removal of lice department very well, provided that the area of ​​origin allows such action. Put rubber gloves, collect aphids from the leaves and Top them with soapy water. aphids generally feed on the underside of leaves, so that their search.
u strong jet of water. / u You can delete
aphids strong jet of water. This method should be repeated once or twice a week, then you will be successful. You can use a garden hose, but you can also consider buying a special supplement that focuses on the flow of water.
Plants seafront to deter aphids. / u
You can get rid of these unwanted insects in the garden by planting plants that repel aphids with their fragrance. plants of many plants such as. hyssop, sage, fennel, lavender, thyme can also do Take a clove of garlic spray or two of garlic, mash, Mix with water and spray the plants under the threat of aphids -. are particularly sensitive rose bushes -.
u Spray with nettles. / u Spray
namaczając nettles will make about 20 - 25 grams of young nettles. them soak in a bucket of water for about a week. After that time spraying infected plants do not dilute the shares.
u decoction of rhubarb. / u
oxalic acid contained in rhubarb leaves can contribute control aphids. Cut about 0.5 kg of rhubarb leaves, place in an old pot - Oxalic acid can destroy the pot - Add two liters of water, boil for half an hour, adding water if necessary after cooling, add about 1 teaspoon of soap flakes dissolved in warm water .. the whole mix thoroughly and use undiluted solution directly to the plant. rhubarb leaves can be very toxic, so it would share in a safe place away from children.
u hydro-blue acid. / u
u / u During its preparation, use an old pot, because it can destroy the ship. collect about 0.5 kg of young shoots of plants, it is best to collect them in the spring when the plants intensively to develop. Place them in a pot and add 6 liters of water. cook for about half an hour, adding water if necessary. soy broth through old tights. use of cold fluid, undiluted. If you close the liquid in the bottle well when it was still hot, you can save up to three months .
u Insects / u.
can enter in your garden insects that feed on aphids. These insects like ladybugs or lacewings prey. Both can be purchased at garden stores.
seafront organic sprays. / u
aphids can be overcome environmental sprayami with garlic, pepper and tea. Additional options are finished preparations, which can be purchased at garden stores.

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