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How to decorate the aquarium

How to decorate aquarium aquarium can be a great decoration of your house

aquarium can be a great decoration for your home Proper preparation for your fish in the aquarium will provide a safe living environment and help keep clean Here are some tips on how to decorate your aquarium
Select the size of the aquarium and ... in which they are placed. Remember, in addition to the aquarium and the wall should leave little room for the cables that connect to a network drive filters and lamps for heating. Also consider the distance from the tank to the nearest outlet.
Place the rack or a sturdy table, that is, where is to become a tank. Make sure the aquarium is well-suited platform or table, so that it could be stable and safe.
Rinse the container and gravel and decorations under running water to get rid of dirt and dust . litter Sprinkle evenly on bottom of tank. Arrange stones, plants and other decorations.
Fill the container with water. literature recommends using distilled water, but if you decide to add the tap water in the formulation that removes excess chlorine. Even if it contains chlorine in the water will not harm your fish in a way that is visible in them cause unnecessary stress.
Attach the device for heating water in the aquarium. Check what temperature is best for your fish. tropical fish require a higher temperature than, for example welonki.
and, in return, the dog will try to understand. Here are some tips on how to talk and listen to your dog.
seafront eyes are the windows of the soul. / U

Look into the eyes of a dog, and you will see that he is happy, sad, bored, grumpy and naughty. If it flashes rapidly, this could mean that she feels nervous or threatened. If the dog blinks a few times after you spend, it may mean that the undecided or did not want to hear.
u not barking chatter. / U
dogs do not bark without good reason or without reason, as some people are mumbling. So, listen carefully to your dog barks. Short barking in rapid succession is a friendly greeting. Barking at the long intervals between each of them, means that the dog is sad and lonely. If you are unsure barks at you, it is a requirement to play with it and have fun. If the barking quickly and consistently, it usually means that the dog can feel or see some problems to foreigners on their territory. Some dog owners who know your pet can be identified at the waist and barking in their house close to a stranger or a friend.
seafront waving tail / u
What can you tell us a tail? Have you ever noticed how your dog wags its tail? Now new research at the tail Wag the Dog, which are very interesting. observation that if a dog wags its tail mostly right, it means that he is excited and happy to see. If the tail wags mainly on the left side, is also excited, but also insecure and anxious. So if you meet a dog on the street who looks at you and wags its tail to the left, you better step back.
u licking and rubbing. / U
be as often as possible, let your dog lick and rub. Puppies lick their mother when they are hungry and seek food. It is a sign of love and humility. When a dog comes near you, that means counting on you and asks for protection. If your dog two j increases in the groin, I do not feel strange, and not reject it cold. Hes just trying to get to know your smell.
u importance of land / u
try to read the hidden message in graffiti dog. marking the site via the urine is a way to communicate with dogs. dog urinating on a wall just because its rude. obsika area that the dog is treated as its territory. so try to see where your dog court. In this way you will be able to better understand their concerns.
u Less is more. / U
dogs understand many words, but most of them, like children, they do not understand and do not like to listen to long sentences. So, if you tell your dog what to do, he is short and simple commands. SPRO Try to speak slowly. Give them clear. Believe it or not, dogs can pick up the tone of your voice and recognize what you have mood swings, and then respond accordingly. Make sure the tone of voice when you talk to your dog. In the example, the grouchy owner may bring a malicious dog.
u not be repeated. / U
When you were a child, when my parents would like to repeat again and again the same thing? I think not. So it is with a dog does not like when you repeat over and over again the same thing. In fact, voice command should only speak once to get the best results. Most dogs are not stupid. Listen to some things better than you. If you do not respond to a command that does not mean that they do not understand, they just do not want to listen to you. All you can do is find another way to pass the same command. be skilled and creative. outsmart your dog. not enough to just order again.
u body. / U
Sometimes, when a voice command is not working you should also use body language. This will increase the effectiveness of the application. Dogs can very well understand our gestures. For example, if you point to something, the dog may assume that only pulled his hand, so look further into this direction. Its scent will deter flies.
If you are stung, apply not to place the data center. It is cooling and soothing properties. This will help eliminate itching. As
aloe vera, bite very good running water extract of witch hazel. He was known for generations and are used to place bites, abrasions, sprains, burns, or light.

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